Game and Chat Demos

Seamlessly integrate diverse Tarot spreads. Elevate user experiences with top-tier divinatory insights on your platform.

Tarot Demonstration

Below are some limited demonstrations of our Tarot capabilities. We feature a limited demonstrations of the One Card and Three Card Tarot games including the live Tarot Reader.


Upright & Reversed Cards: Understand the nuances of card orientations and their varied meanings.


Live Chat in Action: Experience real-time interpretations with our responsive chat feature.


Limited Decks for Demonstration: We’ve streamlined the demo decks for these demonstrations, but rest assured our full API offers a comprehensive tarot experience using full decks for all spreads.

Horoscope Demonstration

We showcase a basic demonstration of a daily horoscope for Aries. Users love coming back daily for new daily horoscopes. Take the experience further by engaging with our astrological chatbot and allow your users to chat live.

Daily, Monthly, & Annual Horoscopes: We offer a range of different readings, including horoscope and compatibility readings.
Unique Data Sets: Each client has access to a uniquely written response via our API, eliminating concerns over duplicate content.

Live Chat in Action: Experience real-time interpretations with our responsive chat feature.

Wide Range of Tarot Spreads

Explore our extensive selection of Tarot spreads tailored to meet every Tarot websites need. Whether you’re seeking daily tarot readings, simple ‘Yes or No’ games, intricate 10-card Celtic spreads, or insights into relationships and careers, our service is equipped to cater to your requirements. We also offer customization options to create the perfect Tarot game solution for you.

Our games are designed with a keen attention to detail — each card’s meaning is uniquely tailored to its position within the spread and the specific game it’s part of. This ensures that card interpretations are exclusive and not recycled across different games. You have the flexibility to display just the card name, the image, the interpretation, or a combination of all three to your users, allowing for a customized Tarot reading experience.

Horoscope Game Insights

Offer your users access to our our interactive horoscope games. With insights spanning from daily revelations to annual forecasts, we cater to every astrological curiosity.

Delve into the intricate dynamics of star sign compatibility. By comparing any two zodiac signs, users can unlock a treasure trove of information—highlighting strengths, challenges, and the underlying currents of any relationship. Our comprehensive guides offer a detailed analysis, shedding light on the mysteries of friendship, romance, and collaboration.

For those seeking a broader perspective, our monthly and yearly horoscopes offer a roadmap for life’s upcoming twists and turns.

Beyond individual insights, our engaging astrological chatbot stands ready to answer pressing questions in real-time. Enhance user engagement with every interaction.